Find of the Month

Following are the rules for Find of the Month as of January 1, 2017:

To encourage the membership to bring their finds to show at the club meetings, the club sponsors a FIND OF THE MONTH contest. All members are urged to enter their finds, one each month per category. For example: One find in oldest coin, one in valuable coin, one in relic, one in jewelry, one in military, and one in non-metallic. So you could have 7 finds in one month. In the interest of fair play, honesty and good fellowship, please abide by the following rules:
1. There are 7 categories:
1. Oldest Coin
2. Valuable Coin – Silver & Gold
3. Valuable Coin – All Other
4. Relic
5. Jewelry
6. Military Relic
7. Non-Metallic

2. All items entered in the monthly contest MUST have been found with a metal detector or while metal detecting.
3. All items must have been found since the previous meeting. No hold overs please.
4. Each member may ONLY enter one item per category.
5. Entries MUST be made before 7:30 p.m. on the night of the monthly meetings. Entries are turned in to the judges at the back of the auditorium.
6. Foreign coins can only be entered in the Relic Division.
7. All coins entered in any of the coin categories must be listed in the current Red Book published by Whitman.
8. Coins found at the semi-annual or any entry type fee or planted hunts are NOT eligible for the contest.
9. Judges decisions are final. All judges are club members.
10. Valuable Coin categories will be judged by the current issue of Coin Prices magazine and graded according to the Photograde book.

11. The award system is as follows:
A. FIRST place winner in each category receives 7 points plus a prize.
B. SECOND place winner in each category receives 5 points plus a prize.
C. THIRD place winner in each category receives 3 points plus a prize.
D. ALL other entries will receive 1 point.
E. Total accumulated points will determine the TREASURE HUNTER OF THE YEAR.

12. Current nickel, copper, and zinc clad (new) coins can only receive one point and cannot place.
13. There are two separate contests known as the PROFESSIONAL and the AMATEUR. The rules for both contests are the same.
14. The first place winner for FIND OF THE YEAR in the Amateur contest must move up to Professional. The FIND OF THE YEAR AWARD will be presented in December meeting.
15. There will also be a GRAND CHAMPION AWARD at the December meeting for the TOP/BEST find of the year.

You MUST be present at the monthly meetings to submit your FIND OF THE MONTH. Exceptions: Death, Medical, and Vacation. If you fall into one of these exceptions then you may send your find with another club member. There is a limit of 2 consecutive months that you can miss. If you need more than that it must be approved by the board members.

We are committed to providing a safe recreational environment for all members, so please let us know if we can make accommodations for you.

These are the rules approved by the club, which we will follow.