We hold meetings on the first Friday of each month at 7:30 p.m., at the Old Community Building (also known as the Old National Guard Building) on the corner of Cherokee and Jefferson St. in Wagoner. Everyone is welcome. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, professional, or just interested in metal detecting.


The Club has a least two planted treasure hunts each year for members only. We hold several different types of hunts on that particular day with an entry fee for each different hunt a member desires to enter. We have other free club-member-only hunts, such as water, beach, and field hunts. All entry fees are used to purchase coins and prizes, with an amount added from the club treasury.


The club has several fundraising raffles at each meeting. Most members bring a gift valued at $10 for raffling. You may purchase three raffle tickets for $1. If we draw your number, you win one of the gifts! The money collected from the ticket sales goes into the General Fund to purchase coins and prizes for our hunts. Then we have a second raffle. Again we sell three tickets for $1. One half of the money collected goes to the club and one half goes into the 50/50 pot. If we draw your number in the second raffle, you win the 50/50 pot.


At each meeting, we draw a member’s name from the attendance pot. If your name is drawn, you will win a silver quarter. Members MUST be present to win, so don’t miss out!


The club newsletter “The Outpost” is the pride of the membership, and is sent to all members, magazines, other clubs, and anyone interested in a sample issue each month. If you would like to receive The Outpost, please see one of the board members so we can add you to the email list.


In addition to our monthly meetings, the club has a National Hunt once a year, normally in the spring. Participants come from all over the country to this two-day event, which features a Kids Hunt, Ladies Hunt, Half Dollar Hunt, Gold Hunt, Deep Dig Hunt, and much more. Each hunt requires and entry fee, and all fees and concessions proceeds go back into the club for prizes and coins.

Club members volunteer their time to plant the coins, help with concessions, read bingo numbers and help with giving out prizes; and vendors generously donate metal detectors, shovels, and other metal detecting items for the prizes.  The club also purchases metal detectors, and items related to metal detecting for prizes. We also purchase toy prizes for the Kids Hunt. (If your child is too small to hold a detector during the Kids Hunt, a parent can hold the detector along with the child as they hunt.)

Each year the club participates in the Kelly B. Todd Cerebral Palsy and Neuro-Muscular Center event in Muskogee. The annual Family Fun Day at Civitan Park includes crafts, games, food and a treasure hunt sponsored by Three Forks Treasure Hunters Club. Our members volunteer their time to plant coins and tokens, then teach kids how to use their metal detectors to find them. We provide the coins, tokens and prizes (toys, books, etc.).

The Kelly B. Todd event also features raffles, free food and live music.Sometimes you find something so special, you can’t wait to share it with friends! That’s why each month, we celebrate a “Find of the Month.” We urge members to to enter your finds each month in various categories. For more information, check out our Find of the Month rules.

Find of the Month Categories

  1. Oldest Coin
  2. Valuable Coin – Silver & Gold
  3. Valuable Coin – All Other
  4. Relic
  5. Jewelry
  6. Military Relic
  7. Non-Metallic